Federal US Holidays 2016

US Federal Holidays in 2016


Weekday Holiday name
January 1 Friday New Year 2016
January 18 Monday Martin Luther King Day
February 15 Monday Presidents' Day 2016
May 30 Monday Memorial Day 2016
July 4 Monday Independence Day USA
September 5 Monday Labor Day 2016
October 10 Monday Columbus Day 2016
November 11 Friday Veterans Day 2016
November 24 Thursday Thanksgiving 2016
December 25 Sunday Christmas Day 2016
December 26 Monday Christmas Day observed

Popular Holidays 2016 (Observance)


Weekday Holiday name
February 14 Sunday Valentine's Day
March 8 Tuesday International Women’s Day
March 17 Thursday St. Patrick's Day
March 27 Sunday Easter
April 22 Friday Earth Day
May 8 Sunday Mother's Day
Jun 19 Sunday Father's Day
October 31 Monday Halloween


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United States of America

A holiday is a special day set by law or by custom on which normal activities, as business or work, are suspended or reduced. Generally, that days are intended to celebrate or commemorate an event or religious significance or tradition of cultural . Holidays can be designated by religious institutions,other groups or organizations and especially by governments.The degree to which normal activities are reduced by a holiday generally depend on local laws, customs, and obviously the type of job being held.

Federal holidays 2016      

The concept of holidays has mostly originated in link with religious observances. The intention of a holiday was usually to allow individuals to tend to religious duties frequently associated with important dates on the calendar. Generally, in most modern societies, however, holidays serve as much more of a recreational function as any other weekend days or activities.

In many societies there are significant differences between holidays designated by governments and by religious institutions. In instance, in many predominantly Christian nations, holidays may center on Christian holidays, through non Christians can instead observe religious holidays associated with their faith. In some cases, a holiday day may only be nominally observed when people change very little of their daily routines for this day.

The word "holiday" across different locales has some variance in meaning. In the United States the word refers to widely observed days of rest and recreation, but in the U.K. Canada, and many other countries, the word refers to any extended period of recreation.